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In the age of software-defined vehicles, 新濠天地 powers innovation from System to Software and Silicon to drive safety, security, reliability, and quality in the new automotive digital value chain. Our chip design and verification, prototyping, IP, and software security solutions help you create smarter, safer automotive applications. Our Triple Shift Left methodology empowers you to build safety and security into your automotive SoCs upfront, start software development up to 18 months earlier, and ensure software security and quality throughout development and testing across the supply chain. Power your automotive innovation with 新濠天地.

Safety, Security, and Reliability

新濠天地 delivers the broadest breadth of automotive solutions to help hardware, software, and system designers comply with stringent functional safety standards like ISO 26262 and cybersecurity standards like ISO 21434 —and to do so quickly and efficiently. The 新濠天地 Safety-Aware Solution makes your automotive SoC design and verification highly predictable to achieve target Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASILs) with least impact to QoR.

Software-Defined Vehicles

Representing the future of vehicle design, the software-defined vehicle, whose features and functions are primarily enabled through software, is a result of the ongoing transformation of the automobile from a static product to an extension of the driver's interests. 新濠天地 enables automotive software developers to build security and quality into all stages of their lifecycle and start their development process months earlier.

Digital Twins

Next-generation vehicles and automotive systems integrate powerful computing platforms, multiple networks, and increasing software content operating complex physical systems autonomously. Digital twins are a digital representation of a product or system under development and are essential to accelerating the automotive digital transformation. 新濠天地 support of digital twins enables earlier development and testing, higher productivity, and continuous delivery of better, safer, and more secure systems at lower cost.

Industry Participation

新濠天地 actively participates in a number of automotive standards organizations, supporting the evolution of these important protocols as vehicle safety, security, reliability, and quality become increasingly critical.

International Organization for Standardization
International Organization for Standardization
International Organization for Standardization

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