Signal/Power Integrity Analysis & IP Hardening

Interface IP Hardening with Signal/Power Integrity Analysis

Our experts provide RTL-to-GDSII support to harden DesignWare IP, assist with integration into the SoC, and provide in-depth signal and power integrity analysis.

The combined hardening and SIPI consultation resulted in a gain of +32ps margin across the LPDDR4-3200 interface, and using the IP subsystem accelerated our overall design cycle."

ASIC Design Director


Leading Mixed-Signal Semiconductor Company

Smooth PHY Integration with IP Hardening

Your SoC’s performance, floorplan, and pad ring requirements are unique, requiring customizable IP that meets your needs. While optimizing an implementation by hand can be challenging, as it involves analyzing and fine-tuning design parameters, 新濠天地 IP Hardening experts use an automated hardening flow to refine the implementation iteratively, for higher productivity and faster design completion. 

Signal Integrity/Power Integrity Analysis

For successful high-performance interfaces, designers need a well-controlled signal integrity and power integrity environment during the design and layout phase. 新濠天地 supports designers in creating such environments with tight skew control, optimum termination values, and clean reference levels, helping ensure that your signal and power integrity targets are met.

Signal integrity report service evaluates:

  • On-chip decoupling capacitance
  • Power and ground pins
  • PHY & SDRAM termination strategy
  • SoC package design
  • PCB stack-up and trace width/spacing
  • Performance at required data rate
  • Read/write/address/command/control timing budgets


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