5G is driving tremendous increases in speed, 带宽, and data throughput for mobile and automotive applications by introducing carrier aggregation, 大规模分布式天线, and increased throughput with advanced modulation and high 带宽 channels via mmWave spectrums. This is adding a great deal of complexity to baseband, 基础设施, and application processor technologies, which has created the demand for new innovative IP to address this complexity.  新濠天地’ 设计Ware® IP portfolio provides trusted solutions from high-speed 模拟前端s, to proven interface IP in advanced FinFET technologies and processing solutions to meet the demands of the most advanced 5G chipset designs.

Read the white paper to learn more: How 5G is Influencing 硅设计

处理 + -

Complex Baseband 处理

Efficient and optimized processors increase work completed per cycle, reducing power 

  • 弧HSxD: Combined CPU+DSP architecture and multicore control operations; efficient interfacing to hardware accelerators 
  • ASIP设计: Programmable, task-optimized cores/accelerators. Ultra-low power and size, high computation throughput
  • 弧VPX: Wide SIMD/VLIW processor with ISA optimized for communications algorithms and machine learning


模拟前端 delivers GHz channel 带宽 support at very low power. Modular 5G AFE supports:

  • Different MIMO arrangements
  • 处理 of largest 5G channels and carrier aggregation
  • Direct RF conversion for RFIC simplification
  • Integration within SoC for lowest power and BOM cost
  • High performance for processing high QAM requirements
  • More than 300 designs for mobile and wireless
接口IP + -

High-Performance, Trusted 接口IP

Available in 22-nm to 7-nm required for high-performance 5G designs

  • MIPI CSI-2, DSI, and M-PHY offers high-speed serial interfaces between application/image processors & 相机的传感器
  • LPPDR5/4/4X IP implements several low-power states with short exit latencies
  • 串行总线 5.0/4.0 IP delivers high throughput for chip-to-chip communication
  • 多协议》 deliver high-quality signal integrity and advanced power management capabilities for interfaces such as PCIe, CCIX, 以太网和更多

安全知识产权 with a Hardware 信任的根

Security protocol acceleration in a trusted environment: